US rock band whose chaotic drink and drug fuelled gig made global headlines announce return to Doncaster

A US rock band whose shambolic concert ended in chaos at a Doncaster venue amid drink and drugs rumours are coming back to the town.
Wes Scantlin of Puddle of Mudd on stage in Doncaster last year. (Photo: Robin Burns).Wes Scantlin of Puddle of Mudd on stage in Doncaster last year. (Photo: Robin Burns).
Wes Scantlin of Puddle of Mudd on stage in Doncaster last year. (Photo: Robin Burns).

Puddle Of Mudd will return to the town's Diamond Live Lounge this summer - just over a year after a concert which saw lead singer Wes Scantlin heckled by angry fans as he stumbled around clutching a bottle of spirits while his band abandoned him on stage.


A spokesman for the venue said: "We are delighted to announce we are bringing back Puddle Of Mudd to our stage this July."

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A concert by the group at the same Wood Street venue last March made global headlines with fans of the multi-million selling band accusing Scantlin of being high on drink and drugs on stage.

500 fans packed into the venue - but the concert ended in disarray when Scantlin walked off stage just a few songs into the set.

Video later emerged of the singer being booed, jeered and sworn at by outraged fans during the show.

The singer, who has been repeatedly been arrested and has endured numerous personal problems during his musical career, was blasted on social media by fans after the concert, with many accusing him of being drunk and high on drugs.

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One eyewitness said: "It was an absolute shambles. He was walking on and of stage and was talking about being high on crack cocaine

"He was telling stories but was incomprehensible and staggering around slurring. People were just walking out saying what a mess he was and how bad the concert had been."

The band, best known for 2001 hit Blurry which hit the UK top ten, have never been far from controversy during their career, with Scantlin at the centre of a number of high profile problems.

The singer had been drinking in Cask Corner ahead of the gig and swigged whisky onstage as well as making references to taking crack cocaine.

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Last March, Diamond Live Lounge owner Dominic Gibbs apologised for the fiasco and said: “When the band turned up, it was clear that Wes was a little worse for wear with drink and at this point we had to consult the band to make sure, collectively, we were happy to allow Puddle of Mudd to perform on stage. Members of the band, along with Wes were 100% confident that he could perform.

“The reaction of the crowd was very mixed, some people enjoyed what was seen as a very rock and roll moment, some with genuine concern for Wes and a very small section of the crowd were quite perturbed to say the least.

“For most part of the night the crowd enjoyed the show but I would like to personally apologise for the performance of Puddle of Mudd at the end of the night. It wasn’t how we wanted a great show to end or what we wanted a very patient audience to witness. Hopefully Wes gets the help that he requires for the sake of his own health and the career of an awesome band."

The concert will take place on July 25 and tickets are available from the venue.