Us meat eaters are not Hannibal Lecters you know

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I have read many letters in the Star from various animal welfare authorities and from vegans telling us not to eat meat.

One lady’s letter informed us that all our meat comes from animals who are kept in factory-like conditions.

Most of our animals are, when weather permits kept out in the fields where they belong. It is only in the harshest of weathers that they are kept indoors with feed and clean bedding.

Most farmers fork out plenty on vets’ bills each month, making sure their animals are in top condition.

The real reasons why these so-called friends to animals make these inaccurate claims is that they don’t eat meat and they don’t want anybody else to, either.

Why not make all the 63 million people in this county stop eating meat.

What will happen to the animals you see all over the UK? Just like what happens to the thousands of male calves that have little value because nobody will eat veal – they are shot at birth.

If we all stop eating meat, the farmers’ jobs will be obsolete, and the animals they tend to will be obsolete.

What do these people think will happen to all the sheep, cows, chickens?

They will retire to nice care homes?

Of course, I want animals to be treated humanely and cannot abide animal cruelty. Us meat eaters are not Hannibal Lecters, you know.

What needs to happen is for animal welfare standards to be overhauled, and for non-stunned slaughter to be banned.

Animals need to be on the land, raised how they were hundreds of years ago, with organic food. The large American, ranch-style farms proposed in Lincolnshire should be banned.

Also, supermarkets shouldn’t be able to buy milk so cheaply and sell it to make such big profits.

Stopping eating meat is not a solution, it is just another problem.

Matthew Hobson