Urgent surgery for animals

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An RSPCA animal centre has appealed for donations to help support urgent medical treatment for rescue animals brought to the centre.

The South Yorkshire Animal Centre, at Bawtry, has its own clinic for rescue pets - thanks to a generous local legacy - but the cost of some of the operations required to treat these animals can run into hundreds of pounds.

As the centre receives no government or lottery funding, it is entirely reliant on public generosity.

Animal care manager Laura Bullock said: “We give our animals the very best veterinary treatment, and are one of the top re-homing centres for the RSPCA in the north of England, but surgical costs are rising. The cost of caring for pets suffering cruelty and neglect is a continual challenge.

“We have about 20 cases a year, on average, that we can’t do ourselves in our clinic, and that we need to pay to have done externally, and those can cost several hundred pounds each.

“Just this month we’ve had two cats needing operations - one on its ear, one on its leg - that cost around £900 for both.”

One of these cats was six-year-old car Soo, who needed urgent treatment, after being dumped by her owner and rescued by an RSPCA inspector. Before Soo can be re-homed she required complex surgery – a total ear canal ablation and a vental bulla osteotomy - costing over £450.

Laura added: “Soo has since had her surgery and, after fighting an initial infection, is doing very well. It’s si important that we’re able to treat animals like Soo and get them back to fighting fit so we can look to rehoming them.

“You can support Soo and many other pets needing urgent medical treatment by donating to the centre online at www.rspcadrb.org.uk or by texting SYAC14 £10 to 70070. Alternatively, send a cheque to RSPCA, Black Firs Farm, Great North Road, Bawtry, Doncaster DN10 6DE.”

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