Urgent appeal for blood in Sheffield as World Cup and warm weather affect supplies

An urgent appeal for blood has been made in Sheffield
An urgent appeal for blood has been made in Sheffield

An urgent appeal for Group O blood donations has been made in Sheffield, with the World Cup and heatwave affecting supplies.

Over the last two weeks blood bank donations have dropped, with 2,000 fewer donations than normal made.

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NHS Blood and Transplant has stressed that there is an 'urgent need' for people with the O negative blood group to donate in Sheffield over the next few days.

Stock levels are classed as 'low' and are expected to fall below a three day stockpile.

Group O negative blood can be given to almost anyone in emergencies.

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Mike Stredder, Director of Blood Donation for NHS Blood and Transplant, said: "The long spell of sunshine has been great in many ways but some people have chosen to stay in the sun instead of giving blood, and some people haven’t been hydrated enough to donate safely.

"England’s excellent World Cup has also meant football fans are spending their time enjoying the games rather than donating blood.

"However hospital patients in Sheffield urgently need blood every day of the year, whatever the weather.

"Nationally, we aim to have six days of worth of blood stocks but today we only have three days of O negative blood.

"O negative is especially important because it is the universal donor group which can be given to almost anyone in emergencies. We need donors with other blood groups to keep their appointments usual but this urgent appeal is specific to O negative.

"If you are O negative and you can give blood, please donate now. We have appointments available at Sheffield donor centre over the next few days.

"If you are an existing donor with O negative blood and you can’t see a convenient appointment time, you can walk in and donate without needing to make an appointment."

Sheffield's blood donor centre is at Cathedral Court, Church Street, Sheffield

Call 0300 123 23 23 or visit www.blood.co.uk