Upset over plan to rebuild home

Coun Isobel Bowler, second from left
Coun Isobel Bowler, second from left
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CONTROVERSIAL plans by a Sheffield councillor and her husband to rebuild a house in a conservation area have been approved.

Opponents of the scheme by Coun Isobel Bowler, Labour councillor for Mosborough, and her husband Richard Taylor, claimed the couple’s proposal had the appearance of a ‘1970s service station’.

They wanted a ‘more sympathetic design’ to the surrounding Victorian properties.

The proposed three-storey house, to replace an existing 1960s property on Ranmoor Road, Ranmoor, has a flat roof and an upper storey covered with tiles.

But members of Sheffield council’s west and north planning committee accepted planning officers’ recommendations to grant permission.

Fulwood Lib Dem councillor Janice Sidebottom led objections.

She said: “A lot of residents object to the design of the building. We consider it will harm the character of the conservation area.

“The street is in a conservation area to preserve the area and to protect our heritage.

“We are not averse to the removal of the present 1960s house but a replacement dwelling should preserve and enhance the conservation area.

“We are not asking for a pastiche of Victorian architecture but we want something which will enhance the area.”

Ranmoor Road resident Stephen Blakey added: “The proposed design resembles a 1970s service station.

“I don’t want to live in a museum but I am proud of the area’s heritage.

“If the plan is to add something from 2012, I would have thought it would be glass and steel and include environmental features.”

But architect Simon Geppy said: “The client’s intention is to build a home of architectural quality using materials which will enhance the conservation area, which I believe the application does.

“The proposal is the result of many years of work and I will oversee construction.

“We have been stringent in our design to work with council officials and adhere to standards.”

Sheffield Council planning officers said the scheme would ‘be appropriate in terms of its overall scale, design, height and massing, and reflect the palate of the surrounding area’.