UPDATED: Trams to start again after breakdown on landmark Sheffield bridge suspended services

Supertram services into Sheffield city centre from Parkgate were suspended after a tram broke down on a bridge this evening.

Saturday, 26th September 2020, 10:06 pm

Tram bosses announced the problem earlier this evening, after the incident on the landmark Park Square bridge in Sheffield City Centre.

Stagecoach Supertram issued a statement saying: “Due to a failed tram on the Bridge at Park Square, all services are suspended into the City Centre. Services are operating from Sheffield Station to Meadowhall/ Donestk Way/Parkgate.”

Departures were due to start again from Parkgate at 8.31pm.

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The firm later added: “The failed tram has now moved and trams can serve the city centre.

“The tram train service is currently running one an hour at present. The next departure from Cathedral is 21:07 to Parkgate.”

"Due to vehicle availability issues the tram train service will operate hourly for the rest of today. 22:14 and 23:30 will run from Cathedral and 21:46, 23:00 and 00:02 will run from Parkgate.”

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