UPDATE: Parents demand closure of Sheffield school for deep clean to halt spread of bug

Intake Primary SchoolIntake Primary School
Intake Primary School
Parents of pupils at a Sheffield school at the centre of a sickness bug outbreak have demanded its closure for a deep clean.

Intake Primary School has 166 of its 407 pupils off sick today.

Three members of staff are also unwell.

Concerned parents have called for the school to be closed while a deep clean is carried out to halt the spread of the bug

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One woman, whose son has been off sick this week, said parents were 'angry and concerned'.

"I am absolutely appalled that nearly half of the school is off sick and we haven' heard anything from the school other than some texts - one reminding children to wash their hands for two and a half minutes, one saying to keep them off for 48 hours if they are sick and one saying not to send children to school if they are ill," she said.

"But we have had nothing to inform us what is going to be done to try to stop the spread of this bug, such as whether they are going to close the school for a deep clean.

"I know that schools are under pressure to have good attendance figures, but I believe the school should be closed today for a thorough deep clean, regardless of how that will affect attendance figures. Surely the health and well being of pupil and staff is more important.

"I know parents have called the school, gone to the office and emailed to voice their concerns and to try to find out what the school plans to do to stop any more children falling ill."