UPDATE: Grass verges left a mess despite reports to Sheffield council

Coisley Hill Roundabout, Sheffield where grass verges are unkempt
Coisley Hill Roundabout, Sheffield where grass verges are unkempt
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Residents have taken to social media to share in disgust over the state of Sheffield's grass verges.

Grass verges are being left to grow around 4ft high in some areas of the city, with many residents calling on the council to do more to tackle the issue.

Streets ahead say leaving the grass to grow encourages biodiversity

Streets ahead say leaving the grass to grow encourages biodiversity

Currently the maintenance of grass verges is undertaken by Amey, as part of the city-wide highways maintenance contract called Streets Ahead.

The contract forms part of a 25 year highway maintenance project which started in 2012 and promised to transform Sheffield's roads within it's first five years.

However, many residents suggest that the contract has not lived up to expectations and despite calls to the council, nothing is being done about the unsightly verges around Sheffield.

Kevin Thompson took to social media to share his views. He says he complained to the council three times before anything happened.

"It was just over 2ft high! They are struggling in all departments. Amey need to go now they've drained the funds before completing anything like they should have. Get rid!"

The contract with Amey is the largest highway investment contract Sheffield has ever had, worth over £2 billion.

This means the firm are responsible for the maintenance of verges, roads, traffic lights, pavements and street trees under the private finance initiative deal in place until 2037.

Residents suggest the council should hold Amey accountable for the not maintaining the verges as promised, as Graham Sykes said: "Amey are failing against their PFI contract on grass cutting, litter bin emptying, litter picking, road resurfacing, fly tipping etc. It's time Sheffield City Council acted accordingly."

Donna Swift added: "Amey streets ahead, really more like streets behind. Absolute jokers. That’s why I cut my own."

Less frequent mowing was trialled in some areas in 2016 as part of a Living Highways project with the University of Sheffield and the Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust to promote wildlife.

Darren Butt, the Account Director of Streets Ahead said that due to vital cost-saving changes within the streets ahead programme, there would be a reduction of grass cutting on main routes and rural verges.

He added: "The changes to the programme will be agreed to ensure minimal impact on Sheffield residents and the affected roads are currently under review.

“What’s more, the reduction in grass cutting is in line with biodiversity best practice and will see both an improvement in the diversity of species in the verges as well as an increased potential for wildlife to nest and breed."

If you have any issues with grass growth you can report it to Streets Ahead on 0114 2734567.