UPDATE: A Sheffield cop was seriously injured in Bonfire Night mayhem, police reveal

These were the scenes on Abbeydale Road on Bonfire Night
These were the scenes on Abbeydale Road on Bonfire Night
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Police in Sheffield have spoken out to highlight the ‘seriousness’ of crime on Bonfire Night after three police officers were left injured, one seriously

Last week, The Star reported how Bonfire Night chaos across the city had led to arrests, as fireworks were thrown at police and hurled onto roads.

Now, Sheffield South West LPT has announced further details about the night of fireworks-related crime in Abbeydale.

The statement said: “Now that the dust has settled I felt it important to state the facts about bonfire night on Abbeydale Road.

“There has been a lot of media attention and some incorrect reporting of the events with some downplaying the seriousness of the incidents.

“To date the following crimes reported to the police directly linked to the disturbances:

-Three reports of members of the public being assaulted.

-Two reports of damage to business premises on Abbeydale Rd by fireworks

-One report of a car being damaged by fireworks driving past Staveley Rd

“In addition there were a total of three police officers injured, one seriously. The other two received minor burns and bruising after being hit by fireworks.

“A fire engine was also damaged after a brick was thrown at it on Abbeydale Road smashing the window. This appliance was en route to another incident.

“There may well be other crimes that as yet are unreported. If you were a victim then please get in touch.

“I am determined, as stated, to take every opportunity to prosecute those involved.

“We are already being sent some very useful mobile phone video footage of the night. Please if you have any evidence that can help then get in touch.”

If you have any information about Bonfire night crime, call police on 101.