Unveiling ‘Life on the Hill’

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A new art exhibition, inspired by those who live at Park Hill, has opened at Made North Gallery in Sheffield.

‘Life on the Hill’ is a collaboration between the gallery, Sheffield ‘Hallam’s Sheffield Institute or Arts and Park Hill developers Urban Splash, and focuses on the theme of ‘work, rest and play.’

The exhibition showcases the work of product, furniture and interior design students from Sheffield Hallam University.

Mark Latham, Regeneration Director of Urban Splash, said: “Park Hill is major landmark on Sheffield’s skyline and its redevelopment has been ongoing for the last decade. Now that a new and mixed community is living and working there, it is moving into a new future and is a great opportunity for people to reengage with it.

“Whilst design students have long appreciated the architectural significance of the building, it is great to see how the refurbished apartments are being used as a project for students to envisage and create functional and contemporary interiors and objects for life today.

“There is some fabulous talent being demonstrated here and we value such initiatives and collaborations with the city’s Universities and Colleges We feel this type of activity represents a growing recognition that Park Hill is once again becoming an active part of life in Sheffield city centre.”

Richard Evans, senior design lecturer at SIA, said: “Our students worked in groups across Sheffield’s art scene; communal living spaces, community change and growth, and individual wellbeing. The students have created some unique and impressive work and we are excited about being able to share this work with the public alongside Urban Splash and Made North.”