Unproven slimming aid lightens wallets

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THE slimming aid samples might have been free – but they came with a £75-a-month subscription which Margaret Thompson nearly failed to spot.

Margaret, aged 62, of Oldfield Road, Stannington, wasn’t expecting the pricey on-going commitment when she input her credit card details to pay postage on a trial offer.

When the items arrived and she read the small print she emailed the company, ProAction, to cancel. But the address didn’t work, she says.

She later got through on the phone, but she was so cross she contacted Action Desk.

She said: “I am a widow, with a limited income and would not be able to fund this, even if I had found the product to have been beneficial.”

The products, Hoodia and Acai, are touted as slimming pills although their benefits are not scientifically proven.

The monthly credit card payments are not covered by the direct debit guarantee, so any disputes over unauthorised transactions are solely between the customer and retailer.

ProAction is based in America. Its UK operations have a PO Box at a delivery office in west Sheffield.

A PROACTION spokeswoman said the terms were clear and included on the free sample sign-up page.

Its promotional emails state: “This proven slimming formula is used by thousands of people.

“It is the fast and effective way to drop two to four stone in just a matter of weeks.”