Unnecessary healthy mature tree felling

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I was disappointed and angered last week to hear of the 12 healthy mature lime trees on Rustlings Road, due to be cut down next week, to “improve” the highways.

I and many others do not think that felling healthy trees is required to improve the highways, and the trees themselves improve the highways, not only by improving the air quality, helping reduce flooding, taking the impact of traffic sound, looking beautiful, but also provide important feeding and shelter for the birds, bees, bats and insects, required for the balance of our ecosystem.

This is fresh unwelcome news for residents, and many are still unaware, perhaps assuming misguided trust in the council, to only remove mature trees, when diseased or a danger.

It was also awful to learn this is happening all over our beautiful green, tree-lined city.

I am outraged they are getting away with this, and think it is important we as residents speak out before it is too late.

If you agree please, please, sign and share this petition.https://www.change.org/p/david-wain-sheffield-city-council-streetsahead-sheffield-gov-uk-save-the-12-trees-on-rustlings-road-sheffield?just_created=true

Josie Bland

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