Unleashing Character: What Your City’s Most Popular Dog Breed Says About You

With dog owners in every corner of the UK, it’s not surprising that each city has its favourites when it comes to dog breeds. So, is it true what they say – do dogs and their owners resemble each other? And what does your city’s most desirable breed say about you?
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Gathering intriguing insights from its policy members, one of the world’s leading animal insurers, Agria Pet Insurance, has released new data uncovering the most popular breeds across a range of cities in the UK, and what this might reveal about the vibe in each place.

Midlands’ Need for Speed. Greyhounds Reign Supreme in Birmingham & Nottingham. Birmingham and Nottingham have been found to be the only cities where Greyhounds take centre stage as one of the most popular dog breeds. Greyhounds are known for their even-tempered nature and friendliness and perfectly represent the atmosphere of these two cities. Populated with a range of universities, these cities prove to be very welcoming - just like the Greyhound!

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Leicester’s Lab Love. The Ultimate Family Companion Takes the Lead. Next up is Leicester, which is revealed as the only city to have a Labrador Retriever as one of its top dog breeds! With the Retriever’s reputation for being both kind and outgoing, this perfectly encapsulates the positive vibes of Leicester. Many on social media would agree this can only be a good thing – with ‘Retriever Energy’ becoming a viral phenomenon on TikTok to describe positive and happy people.


Pocket-sized Pals. Liverpool’s Love Affair with Chihuahuas. Known for its exhilarating nightlife, glitz and glamour, it’s no surprise that one of Liverpool’s most popular dog breeds is a Chihuahua. The upbeat and excitable Chihuahua is the perfect representation of Liverpool’s lively and charming atmosphere.

Pup of the North, The Loyal Shih Tzu. The North of England is known for its friendly and playful atmosphere, and what better companion than the loyal and affectionate Shih Tzu. This lovely breed of pup is among the most popular breeds in not just one, but four Northern cities: Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, and Sheffield.

Southern Sensation, English Springer Spaniel. The English Springer Spaniel is known for its even-tempered and gentle nature, making it a popular companion for Southerners by the sea: Southampton and Portsmouth. Classically English, they are a popular and paw-fect match for those in Oxford, too!

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Karen Green, a spokesperson for Agria Pet Insurance, says “It’s fascinating to see trends appear on how different areas of the UK can have an affinity with specific dog breeds. We often hear how the breed we choose can reflect our own personalities, and our data goes to show that this can be true of the area that we live in, as well. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to adding a canine companion to our family, and it’s fantastic to see that a vast range of breeds are appreciated and desired depending on different lifestyles. At Agria, we’re committed to animal welfare, and are here to support each dog’s differing needs and personalities.”

For more information and for expert advice to keep your pet happy and healthy, please visit: www.agriapet.co.uk.


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