Unions told of industrial disease peril

TWO industrial disease experts from South Yorkshire met delegates at the TUC Conference in Brighton to warn them about occupational lung disease.

Carol Gill, a partner with Barnsley-based Raleys solicitors, was joined by Dr Basran, consultant respiratory physician in Rotherham, to discuss the symptoms and diagnosis of occupational lung disease, and the devastating effect asbestos-related illnesses can have on a community.

“I’ve dealt with industrial disease claims for over 13 years and some cases are easier to investigate than others.

“While we’ve had a great deal of success in winning justice for our clients, there are still a terrifying number of people who have been or are still being exposed to asbestos in the workplace,” said Carol.

“An increasing number of cases are being diagnosed in individuals who may have less intense exposure, such as workers in the building industry. It’s believed these now represent the majority of new cases, meaning there is a large number of people at risk of the disease who may be unaware of their exposure to asbestos.”

She said of the conference: “We were pleased the seriousness of the risks and ongoing frequency of occupational lung diseases encouraged so many to attend the meeting.”