Unions bosses and managers in Remploy talks

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A MEETING has been held between managers and trade union officials in a bid to solve a dispute at Chesterfield’s Remploy factory.

The factory has entered into a partnership with private firm R Healthcare, which has involved some able-bodied staff coming in and unions fear the move could lead to part-privatisation.

GMB shop stewards and officers met with Remploy managers and the R Healthcare owner Simon Webster with arbitration service ACAS.

Managers agreed to consider union concerns and a further meeting will be held on March 22.

Phil Davies, GMB manufacturing section national secretary, said: “We notified the company that unless agreement is reached on March 22, a further two days of industrial action will take place.”

A Remploy spokesman said: “The partnership with R Healthcare is good news as it has helped the Chesterfield factory secure an important contract with the NHS.”