Union salaries

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I AM appalled that the council spends £631K of our taxes on union officials’ salaries and in the next breath say they must cut services.

Private industry union officials are paid for by members’ subscriptions. This could only happen under a Labour-controlled council. I question whether this procedure is even legal. How many taxpayers agree that this practice must stop and this wage bill be used for the good of all the community not just for those in the public sector?

Mike B, Stannington

We’ve no right to the Falklands

My aversion to the Royal wasters (with the exception of the Queen) is well documented, but that doesn’t mean I wish them harm, so I confess to fearing for the safety of one of the younger members early in the New Year.

Prince William is to go to the Falkands Islands on a six-week posting in February, as a helicopter pilot. Argentina, still smarting from their 1982 defeat by our Task Force, could see this as a perfect opportunity to regain national pride. They have already signalled their intentions of sending their athletes to the 2012 London Olympics with tracksuits bearing the slogan The Malvinas are Argentine.

After we re-took the Falklands, a prominent member of the forces said: “We couldn’t have done it without the aircraft carrier or the Harrier jump-jets.”

We now have neither - nor do we have a leader with the guts and determination of a Thatcher or a Churchill. Our only consolation would be that the Falklands are virtually worthless to us, nor do we have any right to islands thousands of miles from our shores.

Ron Humberstone, Ecclesfield

Lost bracelet

I AM a pensioner who went Christmas shopping in Sheffield on Friday, Dec 2. I bought a Chamilia bracelet and two charms, which cost me rather a lot, but they were for my granddaughter who is going through a very traumatic time. I would appeal to anyone who rode on the Freebee bus from the bottom of the Moor to the bus station at around 3.40 to help as this is where I lost this very-much-wanted gift. If the person who found it could take it to Morris Bywater jewellers, I’d be very grateful.

Dorothy Limb, Garden Close, New Whittington