Uninsured driver arrested after producing fake Italian driving licence to Sheffield police

The driver will appear in court on Monday
The driver will appear in court on Monday

An uninsured driver has been arrested after producing a fake Italian driving licence to police in Sheffield.  

PS Mackey from the Fir Vale neighbour policing team stopped the driver yesterday due to the excessive tint on the front windows of his car.

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After stopping the driver, he claimed to be an Italian national and produced an Italian driving licence.

However, after closer inspection the licence proved to be fake and that he had no insurance.

He was arrested for using a vehicle without insurance, having no licence, obstructing a PC and using a driving licence with intent to deceive.

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Posting on Facebook, the Sheffield North East NHP said: “The driver, identified as a Albanian national, is now enjoying the facilities at Casa Shepcote for the weekend where he has been charged with all four offences and remanded in custody to court on Monday morning.

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“Uninsured and unlicenced drivers are a danger to the community using our roads. Some may see the work we do around this as easy or soft targets.

“Statistics show that they are involved in more serious and fatal collisions than those who have the correct documents.”