Uni proves it’s a good egg with welfare honour

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The University of Sheffield has scooped a tasty treat – a world-class award for its catering.

The organisation Compassion in World Farming awarded the university a Good Egg award for its efforts to improve the welfare of millions of farm animals.

The award recognises a commitment to improving the lives of animals by sourcing only higher welfare eggs, chicken or dairy produce.

The university gets through 3,000 eggs each month – a staggering 36,960 eggs a year – and all are from free-range chickens.

Tracy Carr, university executive chef, said: “We take our commitment to ethical and environmental issues very seriously and are always looking for new ways to reduce our impact on the environment.

“We always try to use local suppliers and ethically-sourced produce and, by using only free-range eggs, we’re supporting animal welfare.

“Small changes really do make a big difference in a large organisation like the university and it’s really important we do our bit to make the world a better place.

“Plus, we think free-range eggs taste better.”