Unelected by the people of this country

My fellow Brexiteer Terry Palmer has been unjustly taken to task yet again by Graham (Star, March 31, 2018) for having the temerity to 'try to tell us that the EU Parliament is unelected' and that he distinctly remembers voting in an election on this very matter.

Monday, 9th April 2018, 7:20 am
Updated Monday, 9th April 2018, 7:26 am
Nigel Farage

He also took issue with Terry on March 5, 2018 under a headline: “It’s called democracy.”

I compliment you on your very selective memory Graham. Yes, you did indeed vote in an election, but it was solely to elect UK members to the European Parliament (MEPs). All other 27 states held similar elections for their representatives. The elections were held on a Proportional Representation system and resulted in UKIP gaining a majority 24 of the UK 73 seats in an overall Parliament of 751 MEPs.

All Brexiteers and hopefully “enlightened Remainers” should owe a deep debt of gratitude to UKIP and its leader Nigel Farage for their efforts, combined with general EU discontent among the UK electorate as a whole, to bring about a National Referendum and a resulting majority Brexit vote.

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It is a sobering thought that under our electoral system, at a previous UK General Election, UKIP gained over four million votes yet only had one MP - a defector from the Tory Party!

Liken this to the fact that voters of ALL persuasions elected Mr Farage and his majority comrades to represent us in the EU parliament - thus indicating general discontent among the UK electorate of our “partnership” within the EU.

David Cameron and all parties in Parliament only agreed to allow the country to have a referendum because they strongly believed that the vote would be to remain in the EU. They were shocked at the Brexit outcome and Mr Cameron reneged on his assurance to carry on leading the country and resigned not only as Prime Minister but as an MP.

I respectfully remind Graham that we hold 73 seats of a 751 seat EU Parliament. We did not vote for the MEP’s from the other 27 States - every State voted for their own choice.

When it comes to an EU vote we are heavily outnumbered by our counterparts if they do not agree with any of our UK proposals, such as control of our immigration and borders and retention of our national sovereignty - where is the democracy in that situation Graham?

In the circumstances listed above, Terry Palmer and all UK voters are perfectly correct in saying that the EU parliament as a whole is unelected - unelected by the people of this country!

Cyril Olsen

Busk Meadow, Sheffield, S5