Underhand tactics

Trojan HorseTrojan Horse
Trojan Horse
I am responding to a letter headlined Political Sabotage (Star, February 13) as follows:

What an intriguing letter by Lily McColl warning of saboteurs infiltrating the TARA movement.

As a long-standing TARA representative attending numerous meetings over many years, Lily obviously feels sufficiently concerned about some recent activity to write such a thought-provoking letter.

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Well, who is the enemy within their midst and what is their objective?

Are there changes afoot, to the status quo, that warrant being kept under wraps until the last minute to avoid organised opposition? I think we have been down this road before when the council was desperate to bring to fruition their demolition and transfer agenda.

At that time activities were very shady with everybody looking over their shoulder, wondering who had been ‘selected’ by the council to work hand in glove with them and who were genuinely on the side of the unsuspecting about to fall victim to their plans.

Lily’s letter raises questions.

Why the claimed Trojan Horse?

Is history about to repeat itself?

Is something, unpalatable to many, about to happen within the Housing Service?

Is stock transfer or demolition back on the agenda?

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If Lily is concerned, maybe we all should be, not least because, what she seems to regard as underhand tactics can never be conducive to a trusting, healthy relationship between those running the show and those bearing the consequences of their actions.

Maybe some clarity might alleviate any possible concerns raised by the letter.

Mary Steele

Deerlands Ave, Parson Cross