Underdog has his day

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Go on, let Herbie ride again.

The Irishman’s lilting tones won over judges and audience on Britain’s Got Talent on Saturday. But the 66-year-old is now the subject of a hate campaign.

They’re ranting via the internet (as so many mean-spirited people seem to want to do of an evening).

Gentle, humble Herbie Arstrong, known and loved by many a Sheffielder from his days at the Boardwalk - what did he do to get their goat?

Why, he’s a professional, attempting to trounce the non-professionals – that’s akin to cheating and the show is only for undiscovered amateurs, rant the BGT nuts. Even though there’s nothing in the small print or the show’s title to say so. (Plus I believe Susan Boyle had sung for her supper long before she was “discovered”).

Their assumption is based on the talentless nobodies who turn up to early auditions – the ones with a talent for something so bizarre, no-one’s ever wanted to pay them for it.

Come on, let an old underdog have his deserved day.