Uncaring drivers

On Thursday I had just pulled up outside my local post office/shop in Northern Avenue, S2, when a car came along side me.

I saw a young woman with a young girl of about three on her knee in the front passenger seat.

When the car pulled up on the opposite corner out got the male driver with the woman and child.

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I went over and told them it was against the law to travel with a child on the knee.

The man became very unpleasant saying it was nothing to do with me and I replied I was thinking about the safety of the child.

I tried to reason with them but both began to shout again saying they had only travelled around the corner.

Nothing I said could make them see you did not have to go far and if for some reason the driver had to pull up sharply the child would go through the window .

It’s hard to think the life of a child means so little when they are meant to love and protect the child.

J Sheppard