Unattended candle starts a blaze in Sheffield student’s flat

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A student had a lucky escape after a candle overturned, sparking a fire in a bedroom.

The young woman who discovered the blaze, in a room belonging to a flatmate, managed to raise the alarm and get out unharmed.

Firefighters were alerted to the blaze on the fourth floor of a flats complex on Leadmill Street in Sheffield city centre at 11.30pm on Wednesday.

They extinguished the flames and ventilated the property before flatmates were allowed back inside.

The woman who left the candle burning had gone out for the night without extinguishing it.

A fire service spokeswoman said: “A woman had a lucky escape after a candle overturned, sparking a fire in the bedroom of a fourth floor flat.

“The woman was already outside the property on Leadmill Street when firefighters from Central, Mansfield Road and Darnall fire stations arrived at the scene of the blaze.

“The fire was in a bedroom belonging to the woman’s flatmate.

“Firefighters worked quickly to extinguish the blaze and then ventilated the flat.

“The woman was checked over by the ambulance service at the scene.”

She warned: “To prevent candles causing a fire in your home don’t leave them burning in a room with no-one in it. Make sure they’re in holders that won’t fall over and put night lights or tea lights on a heat-resistant surface.

“Keep them away from curtains and furniture, and not under a surface, like a shelf. Make sure they’re completely out - not smouldering.”