UKIP in court over libellous comments about Labour MPs' role in Rotherham child sex abuse scandal

MEP Jane CollinsMEP Jane Collins
MEP Jane Collins
UKIP is being taken to court today by the Labour Party following unfounded comments made about Rotherham's three MPs.

Yorkshire UKIP MEP Jane Collins was found to have libelled Rotherham's three Labour MPs in a speech she gave in 2014 about child sexual exploitation in the town.

She accused Sarah Champion MP, Sir Kevin Barron and John Healey of knowing about the scandal but doing nothing about it.

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Ms Collins was ordered to pay £54,000 in damages plus legal costs - with a total bill estimated to be more than £650,000.

But so far she has not paid anything, which has led to Labour suing UKIP as a party.

UKIP says it's not their bill and the party will fight any ruling that says it is liable.

It has been claimed if UKIP are found liable it could bankrupt the party.