UK’s lack of skills

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I read an article about the lack of UK skilled engineering and manufacturing people in Britain, this shocked me for a few moments then I realised where the problem lay. Poor education and badly run schools and academies’.

I attended a Secondary Modern School which had good woodwork and metalwork facilities along with science and art etc.

I was in a ‘B’ class but that didn’t stop me going to look for a job in the Easter prior to my leaving school in the summer of 1957 and being offered a job as an electrical engineer.

However I was later offered a job as a coppersmith.

I asked my father which I should take. He replied: ‘The coppersmith job is the one to take.”

I took his advice. The problem I over looked was that he knew nothing but ship plating.

Today it’s a different game. I believe it’s all no working skill training along with lessons that favour the academies’ records at the cost of many pupils’ inability to use tools etc.

It just so happened that on Sunday, I started teaching one young lad how to use a few tools, starting with a hacksaw which he picked up really well.

The next stage will be to introduce him to mechanical hand tools and a bench drill along with taps and dies etc.

I believe the reintroduction of grammar schools would be a much better option than today’s academies, too many of which are not working in the best interests of the pupils they claim to educate in favour of making their records look good.

We can’t allow that to carry on too long. Our future depends on our future Great Britons and their future starting today.

Eddie Storey

Huntington Street, Doncaster