UK law firms hired to fight for Excel

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ALL these years thinking Excel Parking were bluffing over threats of legal action, turns out we were wrong.

Many drivers felt safe to ignore £60 ‘fines’ for unpaid tickets believing they were disproportionate and legally unenforceable.

But the company says the real reason so few cases are pursued through the courts is down to a lack of manpower.

Not any more. The number is set to mushroom when the firm starts outsourcing legal work to solicitors around the country.

Technical director Martyn Attwood said: “We take as many cases as we are able to to court. Because of the volume there are delays getting them into the system. They are all across the country and we can’t be everywhere at once.”

Action Desk readers will know Excel usually follows a well-trodden trail of threatening letters – before giving up.

They include a Notice to Owner and Final Demand from Excel, a letter from Roxburghe debt collectors in Surrey and two from Graham White Solicitors: Notice of Intended Litigation and Final Warning.

Mr Attwood warned: “This attitude that if you ignore them they will go away is not the case. Tickets are issued for a reason.”