Ugly face of beauty

Beauty: Ungrateful.
Beauty: Ungrateful.
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Ungrateful or what? British women will have binned £676 million of unwanted Christmas beauty gifts before 2013.

One in five admit they’ll bin ‘wrong’ gifts of make-up, perfume or toiletries that have cost their friends and relatives anything up to £60 – without feeling at all guilty about it,

It may have taken weeks to find, been chosen with care and given with love, but if it’s the wrong shade, or not the preferred brand, these pampered, spoilt women pull a face, refuse to use it and eventually dump it during the course of the year – one unloved gift a month, on average.

Why not take it back or stick it on eBay? Or better still, give it to someone else?

I call being so cavalier with someone else’s cash pretty ugly. If you’re dillying about buying a present for someone that stuck up, don’t bother.

They don’t deserve one.