uccumbed to the inevitable

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Lupton Walk was once the place Sheffield people wanted to end their days in. Most, such as myself, spent much of our retirement nest eggs in modernising and making our homes comfortable in old age.

But during the last 14 years, Sheffield Homes have housed here the drug fraternity yobs, dog breeders, even paedophiles eventually driving away decent tenants.

These anti-social people never have nor ever will be able to look after themselves as they leave a trail of heartache, destruction, havoc plus a massive bill to the tax payer for non-payment of repairs, rent, gas and electric.

As I write I have just learned that an old neighbour finally succumbed to the inevitable, aged over 85. She has lived on Luton Walk for 50 years but has decided enough is enough and is moving to pastures new. I pray that she can enjoy the rest of her days in peace and quiet.

John Winston Beatson, Lowedges

Our drab city

What a drab place Sheffield is becoming. No hanging baskets or planters to make the city a pleasanter place to visit; beautiful buildings going to rack and ruin like the old post office in Flat Street; other craftsman-built stone buildings pulled down to make room for concrete and glass boxes. If this is progress I’m glad I’m going out of this world, instead of coming into it. I dread to think what it will be like in 10 years or less.

DB, Lodgemoor

Leave libraries

Along with many others, I hope council leader Julie Dore will not cut library services. They are an important part of life for lots of people. Reading is an escapism from troubles and it’s free. Young and old enjoy these facilities. We’re living in very hard times due to the severe cuts, we are getting poorer and more depressed. When I look around Sheffield I see money wasted on things not necessary, such as stone carvings at the bottom of Windy House Lane and City Road, which are out of keeping with their surroundings. Waste of money.