Uber is 'swamping work' in the city and hitting Sheffield taxi businesses

A Sheffield taxi boss has said Uber is gobbling up work in the city and other firms are paying the price.

Thursday, 5th October 2017, 2:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 12:39 am
Network Taxi boss Jahan Dad speaking to The Star back in late 2016

A Sheffield taxi boss has said Uber is gobbling up work in the city and other firms are paying the price.

Jahan Dad of Network Taxis based on Meadowhead and nephew Hammed Affzal have called on the people of Sheffield to use locals firms after seeing a squeeze on work after Uber's arrival in Sheffield.

Network driver Hammed said: "We've lost a hell of a lot of student work - that's the area we've seen the biggest decline.

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"It seems like Uber is hoovering up all the work and other firms are playing catch-up. How could local firms compete with a huge multi-national company like that?

"It's not just us that this is affecting, other local firms in Sheffield will be hit as well.

"I speak to drivers and they're concerned. I know lots of Uber drivers are coming over from Rotherham and other places because they know there is more work.

The 33-year-old added his main concern with Uber is students would rather pay something on a card then hand over physical cash.

"We've had complaints about Uber's pricing system where the price can sky rocket because of demand on drivers," he said.

Network boss Jahan Dad, who holds Sheffield and North East Derbyshire operating licences, is hoping more people stay local.

"Uber has definitely had an impact on us," Mr Dad said.

"People say about shopping local, we'd like to add taxi firms to that as well.

"We're also encouraging Sheffield drivers to come and join us so we can start to turn the tide."

Uber spokesman said: “We abide by the same rules and regulations as all other private hire operators. It's common industry practice for drivers licensed in one jurisdiction to carry out trips in other jurisdictions as long as they are pre-booked and dispatched from the operator's license they are registered to.

"Uber only partners with licensed private hire drivers and while councils can have different policies, the fundamentals are the same.

"All private hire drivers in the UK have to go through an enhanced DBS background check, the same background check all black cab drivers go through. Uber has been embraced by people living in and visiting Sheffield who value being able to book a car at the tap of a button.”