Two saved from drowning at Broomhead Reservoir, Sheffield, after taking inflatable unicorn onto water

This was the scene at a Sheffield reservoir – after emergency services were called to save two men from drowning.

Police revealed they were called to Broomhead Reservoir, near Deepcar, earlier this month during the hot weather after the men had got into trouble after taking to the water on a children’s inflatable unicorn.

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Several police cars, including an emergency medical first responder, and an ambulance had to be sent out to the scene after the men were seen clinging to an inflatable for 40 minutes to avoid drowning, police have revealed.

This was the scene at a Sheffield reservoir – after emergency services were called to save two men from drowning. Picture shows the inflatable unicorn

Sheffield North West neighbourhood inspector Kevin Smith revealed what had happened this week to warn others against taking similar risks on the water.

He said he understood there had been hot weather but it was not a good idea to go out floating on one in the middle of a reservoir after drinking alcohol.

He said: “Last week, we had to deploy to two grown men who thought it was a great idea to go out floating on an inflatable, until they ended up clinging on to the child's toy for dear life for 40 minutes in order to avoid drowning.

"If a passer by hadn't called it in, we dread to think what the outcome might have been.

This was the scene at Broomhead Reservoir, Sheffield, after emergency services were called to save two men from drowning.

“Fortunately, apart from some Hypothermia and shock no one was hurt, but this was extremely close to being a body recovery call out.

Ambulance called to Deepcar

"We deployed five police cars, including specialist medical first responders, to the scene to try and save lives, and an ambulance was also called to deal with one of the men who was in a bad way, due to being submerged in cold water for a long period.

"These are police officers and paramedics who were not able to deal with other emergencies, solely due to the ridiculous decision making of the two people involved in this incident.

“In all seriousness - it may look inviting - but there are many dangers in open water and you should never mix alcohol and swimming.”

He also issued a picture showing the size of the emergency reponse to the scene.