Two new markets are heading for Sheffield

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TWO new markets are heading for Sheffield this month – aiming to attract more shoppers into the city centre at a time when trading conditions are tough.

The city centre’s first night market will be held in Barkers Pool on Wednesday, after a first date in February was postponed.

And from April 17 to 21 a popular Moroccan market is returning to Fargate.

The night event will see around 30 stalls trading from 3pm to 10pm in what is hoped to be the first of a series of monthly events continuing to the end of the year.

The market is being described as a showcase for Sheffield arts and crafts, although some of the stalls will feature the work of local charities and others will sell food and drink.

“It’s for Sheffield businesses promoting Sheffield,” said co-organiser James Peterson, of JC Market Events, who picked up on the concept while living in China where night markets are a way of life.

“The majority of people, especially businesses, are saying it’s a great idea.

“Businesses from Ecclesall Road to Hillsborough are saying it is an opportunity to sell their produce.”

Some shops in the city centre already stay open late on Wednesdays and both the market organisers and the council hope the new attraction will generate extra business.

The Moroccan market will feature up to 40 stalls selling handicrafts including carpets, fabrics, lights, furniture, leather bags, pottery, jewellery, spices, mirrors and other goods produced by artisans.

The market, backed by the Moroccan Government, is coming back after proving successful on the precinct last autumn.

“People didn’t want it to close but we had to go because we had promised to go to another city,” said director Aziz Afkir.

“We are staying a bit longer this time, an extra two days.”

There will also be a chance to hear traditional Moroccan music and to sample Moroccan food.