Two men kidnapped at gunpoint, taken hostage in Sheffield and blackmailed for £100,000 - court told

Police CSI van outside the flats on Blackstock Road
Police CSI van outside the flats on Blackstock Road
  • Two men allegedly driven to Sheffield at gunpoint
  • Three men charged with blackmail, kidnapping and gun offences
  • Armed police rescue hostages, court told
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Two men were kidnapped at gunpoint, taken hostage in a Sheffield flat and blackmailed for £100,000 – before armed police came to their rescue, a court heard.

Sajjid Anwar and Azad Hussain were forced into a car and taken to a flat in Gleadless where they were told their fingers would be cut off if they tried to leave, Sheffield Crown Court heard.

The victims were forced to call family and friends to ask for money throughout the night of Friday, January 9.

Their ordeal only ended after armed police intercepted the hostage takers as they made their way to another location nearby with the men in the car, the court was told.

Ahmed Ismail, aged 22, 24-year-old Mubarrack Hassan, and Gimal Foster, 30, deny two counts of kidnapping.

They also deny two counts of false imprisonment, blackmail and possession of a firearm.

The court heard Ismail arranged to meet Mr Anwar, a friend of his, in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. on January 9.

Matthew Donkin, prosecuting, said Mr Anwar went with his friend Azad Hussain to Huddersfield to meet Ismail, but when the two arrived they were forced into the back of their own white Audi at gunpoint.

Ismail, of Exeter Drive, Broomhall, Hassan, of Glossop Road, Broomhill, and Foster then allegedly got into the car and drove the victims to Sheffield. where they were taken to a flat in Plowright Mount, Gleadless Valley.

One of the victims had a loaded revolver pushed into his face so hard he began to bleed, the court heard.

Jurors heard that along the way, the three men – who allegedly warned they also had a knife – stopped to get pillowcases which they then put over the victims’ faces, and they took turns holding the gun.

At the flat, they were told they would need to come up with £100,000 and drugs or they would be hurt, the court was told.

Mr Donkin said: “The two men were told there were other people involved and that if they tried to leave, their fingers would be cut off.

“They began to call friends to try to raise some money. They were told to raise the money, but not to say they had been kidnapped.”

One person Mr Anwar phoned began to suspect something was wrong and tipped off the police, who recorded the phone calls.

After calling friends throughout the night in an attempt to raise money, the pair were taken from the flat and put back into the car and travelled to another nearby location.

Mr Donkin said: “By 10.15am the police located the car and began to make observations.

“At 5.40pm the defendants, with the two complainants, left the flat and put the men in the car.”

He said the car was driven to Daresbury View, Arbourthorne, where firearms officers attended and surrounded the vehicle.

Mr Donkin said: “Foster was the first person to see them and fled. Mr Anwar and Mr Hussain were identified as hostages. Ismail and Hassan were taken from the vehicle and arrested.

“Foster made good his escape, he was seen to skip the fence and as he did so he was seen to throw the gun over the fence.

“That gun was recovered. DNA evidence showed there was DNA matching Mr Hussain, that would be explained by the barrel of the gun coming into contact with him. Further swabs indicated DNA matching the profile of Foster.”

Mr Donkin told the court Foster had 33 packages of heroin and three wraps of cocaine recovered from inside his body during a strip search when he was arrested.

Foster, of Ironside Road, Gleadless Valley, has also been charged with two counts of possessing a class A drug with intent to supply and one count of possession of a firearm when prohibited.

The trial continues.