Two football clubs doing well would give city a huge boost

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With the new football season only a couple of weeks away, I would be surprised if supporters of the two Sheffield clubs were looking forward to the season with any great confidence.

United had a new co-owner last season who is supposedly a multi-millionaire, and it’s only logical that Unitedites would have anticipated him splashing some cash on quality players to boost their chances of promotion. This has not happened, and the new owner seems to have distanced himself from United a little by resigning from his position at the club to take up another one in his home country. Maybe he has too many other commitments to be able to be able to concentrate solely on United, which doesn’t appear to be the best way to run the club. He certainly doesn’t seem to be funding any top quality players, which I am sure is what Unitedites were longing for.

Over at Hillsborough we also have a new owner-in- waiting, and waiting and waiting. It’s dragging on and on, leaving the team manager in an awkward position as he tries to improve his squad. The manager said he was looking to lower the age of his squad, but last week he was reportedly looking at a 34-year -old Brazilian striker, which seems to be scraping the bottom of the barrel rather than bringing in quality players. Personally, I have a fear that Mr Mammadov might be another one with his finger in too many pies to be able to concentrate on Sheffield Wednesday. I also fear , like many other supporters, that the quality players I was hoping he would fund will never actually arrive.

With the state of this city, and all the other economic problems people face daily, two clubs doing well in the Football league would give the city a boost and a bit of optimism for the future. I hope my fears for both club prove to be wrong, but until the new investors actually invest some real money on the playing side, I fear not much is going to improve at either club.

S Collins