Two dozen weapons handed in at South Yorkshire police stations in one day

An imitation gun handed in this week
An imitation gun handed in this week

Two dozen weapons were handed in at police stations in South Yorkshire on the first day of a surrender scheme.

Yesterday, South Yorkshire Police launched a scheme where anyone who hands in a gun or a knife over the next two weeks will not be prosecuted for possession.

Carrying a gun attracts a minimum five-year jail term and possession of a knife lands people with a four year sentence.

Under the scheme investigations will only be launched if tests reveal that a weapon has been used in a crime.

The idea behind the weapon surrender scheme is to reduce the risk of guns and knives falling into the wrong hands.

Mothers, sisters and girlfriends of those who arm themselves are being urged to hand in their weapons to help save lives.

South Yorkshire Police has revealed that in the first 24 hours of the scheme 27 weapons plus ammunition were handed in.

Nine knives, one shotgun, an imitation machine gun, a knuckle duster, two machetes, six air rifles and two meat cleavers were among the weapons handed in.