Two Akitas killed after mauling to death rescued Labrador on Christmas day

A heartbroken family has been left traumatised after seeing their beloved dog being mauled to death on Christmas Day.

Tuesday, 29th December 2015, 3:28 pm
Labrador cross, Milly, was killed on Christmas Day by two Japanese Akitas on her garden on Eswick Drive, Chesterfield. Owners Lindsay Kent and Jason Hardy have been left heartbroken

Lindsay Kent and Jason Hardy had only just moved to their new house on Keswick Drive, Chesterfield, when their four-year-old Labrador cross, Milly, was savaged on their back garden by two Japanese Akitas owned by dog breeders living next door.

Lindsay, 43, who is previously from Sheffield, said she was in the house with Jason and her 19-year-old son on Christmas Day when the two Akitas jumped over their fence to get to their dog.

She described how Milly had gone running down the garden with Christmas bells jingling around her neck when she was let out at about 7.30pm.

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The back garden where the attack took place

Lindsay said: “I heard a noise I will never, ever forget.

“I ran straight outside and saw those two dogs were on top of Milly and I just started screaming.”

She added: “Then Jason and my son ran outside trying to get them off her.

“Jason shut me inside the house because I was having a meltdown and he didn’t want me to see what had happened to her.”

Lindsey said one of the owners then came outside to try and get the dogs off after hearing all the noise and realising they had got over the fence.

Eventually, Milly managed to get away and ran back into the house, where she tried to get into her bed.

But Lindsay said that because the two dogs had ‘ripped everything out of her’ a pool of blood was left all over the downstairs of the house.

Jason then went with the neighbour to take Milly straight to a nearby vet, but she died from her injuries during the car journey.

“I just feel like my heart has been ripped out, it is completely broken,” Lindsay added.

She said: “We got Millie as a rescue dog from the RSPCA. She helped me to grieve after I lost my husband in a car accident.

“She just gave us so much love and happiness and she spent every day with me.

“The whole family is traumatised and hurt by what has happened.

“Those other dogs weren’t like pets, they were just killing machines.

“Jason is having nightmares about what he had to deal with and is haunted by what he saw.

“I don’t want to go downstairs in a morning knowing that Milly won’t be there.

“She wasn’t just a dog, she was like another child to me.”

Derbyshire police confirmed the incident was reported to them.

A spokesman said that when an officer visited the neighbours, they were notified that the two dogs had been put down.