Twenty plenty Greens insist

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SHEFFIELD Green Party has accused the council of dragging its heels over cutting the speed limit to 20mph on residential roads.

They say the delay is costing the health and lives of residents. The claims are based on an NHS report that claimed more than 80 per cent of child casualties were on roads with 30mph limits.

They will officially call for a new 20mph on all except main roads at a council meeting tomorrow.

Green Coun Rob Murphy said: “It’s simply not necessary to travel at 30mph on most of the streets where we live.

“We know 20mph speed limits reduce accidents and save lives and it’s time for the council to stop dragging it’s heels on this issue.

“Last year £300,000 was cut from the budget for 20mph zones but Community Assemblies are not capable of taking the strategic decisions necessary for a widespread 20mph limit on residential streets. It’s time for transport money to be spent sensibly.”