TV spotlights off-road threat to Peak

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A CAMPAIGN to stop off-road driving in the Peak District is being featured on a television documentary this weekend.

The efforts of Peak District Green Lanes Alliance, whose president is retired political heavyweight Roy Hattersley, are being included in a BBC4 documentary about threats to the tranquillity of the national parks, to be shown at 9pm on Sunday.

The group has brought together individuals and organisations from across the Peak District who are determined to bring an end to the danger and environmental damage being caused by off-road 4x4s, motorbikes and quad bikes.

Mr Hattersley, who now lives in the Peak District, said: “I have lived in the park for 14 years and have seen the increasing destruction that has been done by off-roaders. Many lanes and pathways have been made unsafe.”

Karen Hinkley, who chairs the campaign, said: “The Peak District National park Authority, Derbyshire County Council and other highway authorities in the Peak District all have the legal power to ban vehicles from green lanes.

“Instead of using these powers to nip the problem in the bud and keep people and the environment safe, they have spent years presiding over untold damage. By doing too little too late they have allowed off-roaders to make byways in the Peak so rutted, dangerous and unpleasant that no-one else can safely use them.

“Walkers, cyclists, horse riders, people going out into the countryside for peace and quiet, residents, visitors and farmers are appalled that this is being allowed to happen. They want the authorities to keep people safe and stop the environment of the Peak Park being ruined by off-roading.”