TV chef James Martin left disgusted after '˜poor old lady' was mugged in Sheffield city centreÂ

TV chef James Martin was left disgusted after two men stole an elderly woman's purse and a priceless medal in Sheffield city centre.Â

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 09 October, 2018, 08:32

The superstar chef was at Sheffield City Hall last night on his On The Road Again tour when one of his team witnessed the mugging.

Saturday Morning host Martin tweeted after the performance that his team saw two 20-year-olds mugging an elderly woman in Sheffield city centre. 

He said that the '˜vile muggers' took her purse for £40 as well as a medal she treasured. 

Martin took to Twitter to urge anyone who saw the incident to report it to the police. 

He tweeted: 'Don't normally do this but this is aimed at the vile 2 20yr olds who one of my team witnessed mugging a poor old lady in Sheffield town centre today.

'You took her purse for £40 & a medal she treasured. Please all look out for this to help her or if you saw it report to the police.'

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Sheffield City Hall

Many people replied to James' tweet, praising the TV star for raising awareness of the crime.

Karen tweeted: 'Vile people like that have no place in society, I really hope they are caught.'

Another user tweeted: 'James, if you have the lady's details please let me know via DM and I'll send you the £40 to send on to her. Hope the medal's found soon too.'

Karen Jordan tweeted: 'They wont get away with this ! Too many people are aware ... Thanks to you. Definitely your good deed for the day James x'

Tracey Thompson commented: 'OMG how horrible hope they are caught and severely dealt with! Hope the lady is OK . It'll probably change her life bless her x'