Turning back the clock

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Retrospectives mean business. Even if that business means mining the music of the past.

Fuelled by the second wave of R &B music that fed the ears of Dr Feelgood and inspired by the liberating screeches of early punk, Retrospectives are definitely retrophile by nature.

But that’s not to say the Norton-Lees three piece is stagnant. Far from it. Retrospectives have been turning heads across the industry for several months, recognition that follows years of practice.

“We’ve actually been playing for about 10 years though it’s been fairly recently that our sound has matured.”

But this evolution started at a very early age.

“I was 10 when I first started playing music,” says bass player and songwriter Will Stocks. “We played the White Stripes Seven Nation Army in assembly at primary school. We were probably rubbish!”

And it was around this time that Will started to pillage his father’s record collection.

“My dad had a lot of late R&B, early punk and then stuff like Elvis Costello as well. But I really took to the punk stuff because I thought ‘I could play that.’ For a long time we only really played punk!”

That has changed. The band have now stretched their musical tentacles to reach bands such as the Stones and Led Zeppelin. They’ve been named by Q magazine as one of the ‘top five bands to watch’.

Catch them today at the Greystones, Greystones Road.