Turkish Hell: Holidaymaker hit by motorbike, held to ransom and put in jail

Ordeal: Ken Sharp.
Ordeal: Ken Sharp.
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HOLIDAYMAKER Ken Sharp is home from a hellish trip to Turkey - where he was run over by a motorbike, held to ransom outside a hospital, and finally locked up in a police station without food or water.

Ken, aged 54, from Base Green in Sheffield, saved for months to take his partner and three children for an all-inclusive holiday to the seaside resort of Marmaris.

Marmaris resort: Ken's dream holiday turned into a nightmare.

Marmaris resort: Ken's dream holiday turned into a nightmare.

But the dream holiday turned into a nightmare when Ken, who works as a site manager for buildings in Sheffield, was knocked over by a motorbike.

“I was crossing a road, standing on the central reservation, and a motorcyclist tried to take a short cut and ran into me,” he told The Star.

“I was left bleeding in the road with a gash to my head, and cuts and bruises all over my arms and legs.”

Within 15 minutes of the smash Ken was picked up by an ambulance and taken to the local hospital - the Marmaris Hastanesi.

But when he got there medics refused to admit him until he could produce his passport.For an hour-and-a-half Ken was left injured and in agony outside the hospital doors until his family - partner Kerrien, 43, sons Jake, 16, and Leighton, 11, and daughter Millie, six - could arrive with the necessary documents.

Even then Ken’s ordeal was not over.

“I had full insurance, but they wanted me to pay for everything,” he said. “The first thing they did was breathalyse me - even though I was a pedestrian who had been run over by a motorbike, and I hadn’t even drunk anything.

“The hospital next wanted me to call Thomas Cook, who we had booked with. But afterwards, when I put down the phone, they said, ‘That’ll be £15 for the call’.

“They wouldn’t give me a drink or anything to eat - and when I asked for something they wanted me to pay for it.

“And they kept giving me injections and not telling me what they were.

“Nobody could speak English. I could have been allergic to any of it.”

The next day, after an overnight stay and eight stitches to his head wound, the hospital demanded more money for ongoing treatment, so Ken tried to discharge himself.

But the staff refused to let him go - and instead called the police.

He was then hauled off to a police station where he was left abandoned for hours, with no offer of food or water and no-one speaking English.

“Eventually, a woman arrived and said she was the interpreter,” he said. “But the first thing she said was that I needed to pay her 70 liras - about £25.

“I agreed, but she wouldn’t accept my word, and she insisted we drive to the hotel with two police officers to collect the money.

“Then they just released me.”

To add insult to injury, a few days later a report of Ken’s accident appeared in a local Turkish newspaper - which claimed he had caused the motorbike to swerve by running wildly into the road to escape from a bees’ nest.

“I got someone to read the article to me from the Turkish, and it said I was running away from a swarm of bees when I was hit!

“It is just not true. And it claims I paid off the man on the bike - which is also completely untrue.”

Ken is now safely home at Basegreen Crescent, but said he wanted to raise awareness of the potential pitfalls like he encountered for other holidaymakers.

“I work really hard, and we had saved all year for this,” he said.

“It wasn’t a cheap holiday, it cost nearly £2,000 and it was completely ruined.”

The Turkish Tourist Office in London declined to comment.