Tulisa gets into red (hot) tape again

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Telly’s X Factor judge Tulisa is getting all sexy on tape. Again.

No doubt about it, there she is, in a hot and steamy scene tying a man to a bed and writhing around on his bare chest.

Ooh, and there she is again, seductively licking up a spilt ice cream.

Though this time, she’s perfectly happy for her performance to be watched by millions. Because, unlike the first tape, a private recording showing her performing a sex act on ex Justin Edwards, this one is a raunchy little pop video designed to promote her latest single.

So close is the arrival of her pop flick to the airing of the tape she had thought a sexy, private moment, critics have now accused her of posting it online herself, which is clearly ridiculous. What woman would be shameless enough to go that far?

Though the swift arrival of Tape No.2 does rather make a mockery of her “distress and mortification” over Tape No.1.

For someone who is supposed to feel so humiliated at the thought of thousands of strangers watching online what was meant to be a private episode, she’s doing a pretty poor job of lying low.