Truth about dredging

Listen to the Environment Agency, the Government or even J Robin Hughes, (The Star January 14), and you will hear any number of reasons and sorry excuses for the flooding that has devastated the North.

They all give the same reasons that they gave in 2014 when the Somerset levels and Devon were flooded.

The fact is that since 2000 and the introduction and passing of the European Water Framework Directive the word dredging has become a dirty word because, according to the EU, it is deemed to be an offence which causes damage to the environment.

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No matter that we have managed our rivers by dredging for centuries and so avoided flooding on the scale as we’ve just seen.

Our masters in Brussels demand that “rivers are kept in undisturbed natural conditions” with “good ecological status” which obviously means no dredging without Environment Agency authority who are signed up to the EU’s green agenda and so rarely give permission for dredging.

Yet again our Brussels masters and others think they know best.

While ever we remain a member of the EU we must endure a regime that makes its priority not preventing flooding but allowing rivers to “re-connect with their floodplains”.

The sooner we are out of this £55 million/day circus the better.

We can then get back to doing what is best for ourselves, including dredging.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74