Truck hero’s dramatic Sheffield rescue

Hero lorry driver Daniel Hurst, who saved a female driver who crashed on the Snake Pass.
Hero lorry driver Daniel Hurst, who saved a female driver who crashed on the Snake Pass.
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EAGLE-EYED trucker Daniel Hurst is a true knight of the road - after spotting a crashed car hanging over a precipice on a dark, wet evening and saving the young female driver inside.

Daniel, aged 36, was behind the wheel of a 32-tonne tipper truck, negotiating the twists and turns of the Snake Pass, when he noticed something unusual.

“Conditions weren’t great, it was pitch black,” said Daniel, aged 36, of Hollinsend Road in Gleadless, Sheffield. “I was heading towards Sheffield when something caught my eye at the side of the road, so I pulled over to take a look.

“It was a bit surreal. There was a car about eight feet off the carriageway, on its side, with the engine running and the wheels still turning.

“The car was resting against a tree, and hanging over a ditch which was full of water torrenting into Ladybower Reservoir. I got a torch from my cab and, on closer inspection, realised there was a young woman inside it.”

Daniel - dad to daughters Verity, nine, and Emilia, five - flagged down a passing vehicle and asked the driver to dial 999.

Then he set about securing the crashed vehicle so it didn’t slip any further down the embankment.

“The car windows were shut so communicating with the young lady wasn’t easy,” Daniel said.

“But I managed to explain that help was on its way and I asked her to switch off the engine.

“I reversed my truck onto the side of the road and tied a heavy duty strap from its tow bar around one of the car’s axles.”

The road, near to The Ladybower Inn, was closed for an hour while emergency services pulled the young woman from her vehicle, which was then winched back to the roadside.

Amazingly the car driver was uninjured and, after a check-up, was allowed to go home with her parents, who had been notified of the crash.

A spokesman for Derbyshire Police said: “Daniel’s quick thinking meant there was no chance the vehicle could slip.

“It was lodged against trees but they could easily have given way. By attaching a strap to the car Daniel made sure it was safe. He did a really good job.”

Daniel, who works for transport company Driver Hire, was on a contract for cement company Cemex when he spotted the crash last week.

Cemex director Craig Williamson said: “Health and safety is our number one priority, including road safety.

“We require the highest standards from all our drivers and, through his actions, Daniel has shown all the qualities and attributes we expect from all our drivers.

“We’re delighted he was on hand to provide help when it was needed, and thankful that the young lady he rescued didn’t suffer any serious injuries as a result of her accident.”