Truck 'bent like a banana' after high-speed chase through Sheffield ends in terrifying crash

Sheffield Parkway at the junction with Prince of Wales Road (photo: Google)
Sheffield Parkway at the junction with Prince of Wales Road (photo: Google)
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A shell-shocked witness has told how a pick-up truck was left 'bent like a banana' following a high-speed chase through Sheffield this morning.

Martin Rodgers says he and his family are lucky to be alive following the collision on Sheffield Parkway, near the junction with Prince of Wales Road, during the early hours of Sunday.

He told how they had been heading home in a taxi after celebrating his father's 73rd birthday in town when the drama unfolded at about 2am as their car waited at a roundabout.

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"We felt the taxi shake and we saw a black BMW 5 series shoot past us at what must have been 60-80mph," said the 47-year-old gardener, from Richmond.

"It clipped the side of our taxi and mounted the grass verge before flying over the junction and going straight into the side of a flat-back pick-up track.

"It pushed the truck what must have been 100-150 metres up the road before they both came to a stop, and then three occupants jumped out of the car and ran off.

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"The pick-up truck, which was a highways maintenance vehicle, was bent like a banana. There was debris everywhere. I've never seen anything like it.

"The maintenance men got out and they had to go to hospital but I believe they're OK.

"After what must have been another minute, the police arrived and it turned out they'd been pursuing the BMW along the Parkway but couldn't keep up with it."

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Mr Rodgers was in the taxi with his wife Andrea, his parents, his brother and sister-in-law, who were all left badly shaken.

He said it was amazing no one had been seriously injured in the crash.

"We were probably six inches from death. If the BMW had hit the back of the taxi he would have wiped us all out," he said.

* Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101.