Tributes paid to '˜incredible' Doncaster woman who died decade after horrific hit-and-run accident

A devastated family from Doncaster have paid tribute to an '˜incredible' woman who tragically passed away aged 25, a decade after a horrific hit-and-run crash left her with serious brain injuries.

Tuesday, 20th November 2018, 2:55 pm
Updated Tuesday, 20th November 2018, 2:59 pm
Becky Jones sadly passed away aged 25

Becky Jones, aged 25, of Hatfield, was sadly found dead at home on October 23, after having what was possibly an epileptic seizure during the night, a condition she suffered from as result of the accident. 

Her family say that despite having every reason to be bitter, Becky remained '˜generous, caring and loving' and had been growing in confidence in recent months.  

Becky doted on her mum, Samantha and step-dad Dougie

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However, for them Becky's death has brought back feelings of anger towards the three occupants of the car, who went free because of a blunder by prosecution lawyers.

Her mum. Samantha Bowman, 48, said: 'She was the most generous, caring and loving person you'd ever meet. She would give you anything, and if she wanted to do something she'd do it. She was just a great person to be around.

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'The accident left her with brain injuries, but she'd learnt to adapt. She was left with epilepsy but it was controlled with medication, so she'd only have about one fit a year it was very rare.

'I love you Becks' - Becky's brother Callum paid an emotional tribute to his sister

'I will never ever forgive the people involved in Becky's accident, if it wasn't for them she would still be here. God always takes the good ones, it's always the innocent that suffer.

'It's brought back the anger that they didn't get punished. We'd kind of forgotten about it and were moving on, but now that is all everybody is talking about. That's why she is not here and everyone is angry. I'd love them to get punished but it won't be Becky back.'

Becky was 15 when she was hit by a car whilst stood with friends at a bus shelter on Church Road on December 20 2008.

All the occupants fled the scene, leaving her critically ill in Sheffield Children's Hospital and unconscious for almost three weeks.

Brendan McCardle, Ricky Davies, and Brett May, all from Stainforth were arrested by police after appeals were made to the community for information.

However, all three refused to tell officers who was driving the car, and Crown Prosecution Service lawyers dropped the case due to insufficient evidence.

Police later asked them to examine the case again, but the process took so long that legal time limits for prosecution ran out.

Following the accident, Becky went through years of rehabilitation to learn to walk and talk properly again, and in recent months had started to become more confident. 

She doted on her mother, Samantha, and step-dad Dougie 53 '“ with whom she had called dad since a young age '“ and her brother Callum Jones, 22. 

Samantha said: 'She loved family life. She always got on with Callum, she has left a massive hole in all our lives, but especially Callums'. She was my shadow and I was hers. I was her comfort blanket we would do everything together.

'We tried to bring out her confidence, and it was only recently that both me and her step-dad both saw it.'

Due to her brain injury Becky was prone to mood swings, and would sometimes see one of the alleged drivers whilst out in Doncaster which would leave her '˜petrified', but she would soon be back to her '˜happy' self.

She also loved Christmas, and loved to give gifts, having already began to fill the spare-room with presents in preparation for the big day, and would enjoy spending time with her best friend Zoe Clarke, who she had met at school. 

Her brother Callum paid an emotional tribute to Becky at her funeral. He said: 'Becks was dealt some really cruel cards and out of everyone, she has the biggest reason to be angry and resentful - but she wasn't, she was kind, gentle, caring, happy and always saw the best in people.

'She defied the odds again and again, she was incredible and in many ways, a real life superhero. 

'Becks was my big sister, the best big sister I could've ever asked for. Our bond was strong, there's nothing I wouldn't do for Becks and there's nothing she wouldn't do for me. My hero and inspiration.

'They say you can't choose your family, but if you could, I'd pick Becky every single time. 

'There are no words to describe how much I'm going to miss her, her laugh and how hilarious she was, even though she never meant to be. She was the last to get a joke, could never say footballers names right and was always 'thirsty', never drunk, but that's what made her so wonderful and the best to be around. 

'Above everything that my beautiful sister cared about, our family meant most to her and she meant the world to us. There's a Becky shaped hole in all of our lives and I'd do anything to see her one last time. 

'I promise I'm going to look after everyone for you Becks and everything I do, will be to make you proud. I love you Becks.'

The family are currently waiting for the full post-mortem results.