Tribute should be paid to Miss Livingstone

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During World War Two I worked at Hadfield’s East Hecla works at Tinsley and Meadowhall as a charge hand machine tool setter in No1 machine shop ‘E’ Bay, setting up capstan and turret lathes producing vital wartime components.

Along with my friend and mate Joe Mellor, we worked 13 hours (night shift) and 11 hours (day shifts) to cover the three eight-hour shifts that the women and girls worked.

In any tribute or memorial to the efforts of the large female staff employed in the offices, foundry and machine shops I would like to suggest tribute should be paid to Miss Livingstone, who came out of retirement to head a team of supervisors to cater for the welfare of all the female staff in the offices, foundry and machine shops, which she she did in WWI. She dealt with all problems with sympathy and tact to keep all working in harmony.

Alfred Shilvock

Dronfield, S18