Tribunal ‘red tape’ criticism

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PROPOSED changes to employment rights restricting rights to employment tribunals will have a ‘negative’ impact on hard-working people, an MP has warned.

Denis MacShane, who represents Rotherham Central, is backing trade unionists who oppose changes to employment rights outlined in the Queen’s Speech last week.

Mr MacShane has written to Prime Minister David Cameron and Business Secretary Vince Cable to voice his opposition to the proposed changes and to stress the negative impact it will have on the hard-working people of Rotherham and beyond.

He said: “It is disgusting this coalition has now decided to increase the red tape around employment tribunals, making it harder for wronged employees to seek justice.”

The Government wants disputes to be referred to conciliation service Acas before reaching tribunals.

Mr MacShane said: “In this harsh economic climate, you do not need to be some kind of genius to see making jobs even less secure is not the way to encourage consumer spending.”