Treeton Club are Sheffield snooker league's champion of champions

Treeton Club are the Sheffield and District Assocoation Snooker League's champion of champions.
Treeton Club, John Smith's Star Cup winnersTreeton Club, John Smith's Star Cup winners
Treeton Club, John Smith's Star Cup winners

The whole thing started last September with seven divisions of hopefuls aiming to win their divisions and then play off against the other divisional champions.

The final finished well after midnight at Shiregreen WMC with the C Division champs Treeton beating Cueball Four (A Division) 3-2 to receive the John Smith’s Star Cup, the league’s original and oldest cup.

Wath Corner Pockett, winners of Sheffield Snooker Teams KOWath Corner Pockett, winners of Sheffield Snooker Teams KO
Wath Corner Pockett, winners of Sheffield Snooker Teams KO
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The final had started well with Rob Skidmore taking the first frame for Cueball in what was a close frame until the colours when a well laid snooker by Rob put him in charge of the board to take the frame. Treeton struck back with Terry Lilley knocking in the final black to level up. Andy Garner replied in kind for Cueball potting the final three balls to put them in front once more, 2-1. Again Treeton came back with Andy Price levelling things up once more. So it was all to play for on the last frame. The first effort ended with the reds tied up around the black which was over the pocket. A re-rack was agreed, possibly a first for a Star Cup final. Eventually Kevin Kell took the frame to put Treeton in front for the first time in the match, but at the only time that matters.

* Wath Corner Pocket won the Steelers Teams Knockout by a decisive 3-0 at sponsors Steelers Sports Bar against Steelers own No 5 team.

However, the match was far closer than the score suggests.

Shaun Wilkes took the first frame for the Corner men with some fine play. The next proved to be the frame of the night, probably of finals week. Having extended his 12 start to 20 Corner’s Jason Fox knocked in a 58 to lead by 78 and it looked frame over. However, Steeler’s Jason Evens had other ideas and immediately replied with a 48, only breaking down attempting the last red down the cushion from distance. There was still enough on for the Steeler’s Jason to win though and he eventually took the last red with green then yellow; 24 behind with 25 on. A failed attempt by him to pot the green proved his undoing as although Corner’s Jason did not pot it, it finished over the pocket with the white behind pink for a snooker. The Steeler’s player failed to escape the snooker and with green over the pocket Jason Fox cleared up for 2-0. But what a frame.

What proved to be the final frame was of a more tactical nature and went to the final pink before Corner’s Luke Whitfield took it to give Corner Pocket the frame and the trophy.