Trees on Rustlings Road staying

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Sheffield City Council and Amey might think that they can continue to make the general public into agreeing with their policy of felling healthy mature trees across the city.

They might continue with their dictatorial, dismissive, dubious, defective and dastardly ways, but they need to know this.

They need to know that their arrogance, smokescreens and obstruction are NOT the way to win the hearts and minds of the people of Sheffield.

They need to know that 13,000 Sheffield citizens are very angry at inappropriate decisions being made on their behalf by Amey about the future of their heritage trees.

They need to know that these decisions are not only damaging the health and wellbeing of Sheffielders, but also significantly devaluing the streets on which these Sheffield citizens live.

So Amey need to realise that the Trees on Rustlings Road are going to stay.

And that these trees are going to continue to grow and to flourish, for another 200 years – long after Amey and their ilk are dust in the wind.

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