Trees covered by preservation order could be lost in Rotherham development plan

Plans to build eight new homes on a Rotherham site covered by a Tree Preservation Order are being recommended for approval after planners dismissed concerns raised by residents in the area.

By Paul Whitehouse
Tuesday, 6th August 2019, 8:06 am
Updated Tuesday, 6th August 2019, 3:05 pm
Preservation Order: Trees off Clement Road, Kimberworth currently have protection
Preservation Order: Trees off Clement Road, Kimberworth currently have protection

The application could see a plot of land off Clement Street at Kimberworth developed for housing, but the scheme would involve the loss of some trees currently protected by a Tree Preservation Order.

An inspection has listed ten of those as being of ‘moderate value’ which would be desirable to retain and it is anticipated seven would survive, with others from the total of 45 individual trees or groupings cagetorised as ‘lower value’.

Letters from residents to Rotherham Council have raised concerns about issues such a privacy, overlooking, light reduction to existing properties, the impact on wildlife and drainage issues.

However, planners regard the scheme as acceptable and a report to the authority’s planning board states: “The proposed dwellings would not give rise to any significant overlooking or privacy issues.

“In addition, the proposed dwellings would not appear overbearing or oppressive when viewed from neighbouring properties or from within adjacent private rear gardens due to the spacing distances, land levels and boundary treatments; and would not give rise to any overshadowing or a significant loss of direct sunlight and /or natural daylight.

It as also argued that although the approach road to the site is narrow, development would improve the current conditions because turning space would be created.

If the plans gain approval, it is suggested a charge of £320 for each tree lost is imposed on the developer, to cover the cost of providing a replacement elsewhere in the neighbourhood.